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Why CCS?


Our mission is to partner with families in raising their children to excel in academics, life skills, and their spiritual walk with God as they grow.

Our culture has become very polarized today, with people making stands in hostility and spite on both sides of many arguments. We are establishing CCS purely in love, as an option for families who are seeking an education that is rooted in Biblical beliefs and cultivates their child's faith. This is more than an alternative to public schooling. CCS is a program that combines a first rate education with solid, Biblical discipleship. Our goal is to help our students thrive academically and spiritually in the role that God has for their life in preparation for their entrance into the world as adults. 

As much as we can do for your children, God has given you as parents the most influential role in your child's life.  A vital part of our Parent Commitment is joining with us in that mission at home as well. We expect our families to be pursuing Jesus and cultivating that discipleship at home as well. CCS isn't just a place to send your children, we are here to partner with you, and we need your help in order to give your children the strongest chance to thrive both academically and spiritually.

We understand that many families have trouble finding a church where they feel that they can grow and thrive spiritually. We also understand that many have been hurt by organized religion in the past. Many of us here at CCS have been in those same situations.

We do not expect applicants or their families to be mature, refined Christians or to even have a "churched" background. But we do need to see a family's desire to grow in their walk and relationship with God. Cultivating that discipleship at home is vital for a child's growth here at CCS. Maybe He's brought you here as a place to start that journey for your family.

If that seems intimidating, just know that we are here to help. We would love to sit down with you and help you find the path He has for you.

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