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Application Process

Let's get started!

Step 1 - Pray

Make sure that God is leading you down the right path. While we are excited to welcome our student body we want you as parents to be confident that God is leading you to choose CCS for your children.

Step 2 - Learn what we're all about!

Before applying, make sure you've visited the "Get Acquainted" and "Why CCS" pages on our Homepage to know what we're all about. You can also check out some "Frequently Asked Questions" there as well.

Step 3 - Submit an Application

If you've checked us out, and know that you'd like to enroll your child, we're excited! After reading through the rest of the Admission Steps, you can click the link at the bottom of this page to fill out and submit our Student Application Form.

Step 4 - Application Review

Once received, our staff will review your child's application and references for admission. We may reach out to you to request more information or appropriate references.

Step 5 - Decision Letter

Once the review process is complete, you will receive a decision letter via mail or email. This letter will have instructions on how to proceed further in the process. (i.e. setting up a parent interview, getting on a waitlist if enrollment is full, or steps to reapply if enrollment is denied)

*** A $150 deposit will be due within 10 business days to secure your child's spot ***

Step 6 - Official Enrollment Appointment

This is where we make it official! 
Once you receive your acceptance letter and your deposit we will call to set up your Official Enrollment Appointment. You'll meet with our Administrator, set up appropriate record transfers and medical information, and fill out official commitment statements. 
This will also involve a financial meeting, to set up a plan for tuition payment and purchase your child's textbooks.

Step 7 - Welcome to CCS!


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