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A day in the life of our students!

Sample Student Schedule:
 K-7th grades

7:45-8:00 Arrival

8:00-10:00  Literacy  ( 2 hour block)

10:00-11:00  Math  (1 hour block)

11:00 – 11:30 Lunch  (30 min)

11:30-12:00     PE/ Recess

12:00-1:00    Chapel / Bible Study

1:00-2:00   Science / Social Studies

2:00 – 3:00  Specials (art, music, band, outdoor learning time)

3:00-3:05  Pack up Dismissal

Image by Jonathan Borba

2 hr Literacy Block

This is the foundation for learning.  Good readers become great learners in all subjects. Literacy instruction will include, phonics, word attack and decoding skills,fluency, comprehension of fiction and non-fiction texts, content reading, research, writing, speaking and spelling work. Our goal is all students reading on or above grade level at the end of each year.

1 hr Math Block

60 minutes is optimal each day for math instruction plus independent practice. Students will begin with basic number and number sense skills work and progress into multi step word problems.  Math application skills will be covered in each grade level such as measuring, cooking, building, money, etc.

Student Behind the Books
Image by Luisa Brimble

30 min. for Lunch

We are so blessed to have a beautiful dinning room where our students will enjoy lunch each day!

Bible Lessons / Chapel

1 full hour of worship consisting of developmentally appropriate study of God’s word, praise, and various guests speakers. In order to foster good discipleship, CCS is committing 1 hour per day for students to learn and study God’s word. Through our Chapel worship time together,  stories, memory work,  Bible study and other activities students will learn about the Bible as God’s Holy word and what it means to walk with him. Students in our upper grades will also have daily devotions and personal reflection during this time so as to continue to build a personal relationship with Christ.


Holy bible detail
Image by Greg Rakozy

1 hr Science or Social Studies Block

 Content will include God’s creations, life science, physical science, weather, earth science, and planets.  Social Studies content will include community helpers, state, national and local history, maps,  citizenship and economics. Ancient Bible history and world history is also a part of our social studies program.  

1 hr Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is a unique opportunity for students to get outside and experience God’s beautiful gift of the Grace Bible Camp property.  Outdoor Learning workshops will include volunteer instructors as well as classroom teachers and may include experiences in the following;  fishing skills, hiking, leaf and tree identification, butterfly garden construction, gardening, wildlife monitoring with gamecams, camping and survival skills, cooking, stream monitoring, fitness instruction and much more.  Teachers are also required to work in outdoor learning within their regular content courses throughout the day. Music, art and craft instruction may also take place within this block.

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