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Student Forms

Please complete all the relevant forms below,

You can email completed reference forms to:

Or mail it to:

Castle Christian School

P.O. Box 41

Fairfield, VA 24435

Student Application Form

Please fill out this application online to apply for enrollment and hit the submit button when finished.

Pastor Reference Form

*** See section below for info ***

Teacher Recommendation Form

This form is required with the Student Application for all new students transferring from another school.

*** We understand that many families have trouble finding a church where they feel that they can grow and thrive spiritually. We also understand that many have been hurt by organized religion in the past. Many of us here at CCS have been in those same situations. In the case that you do not have a current pastor, please tell us about your faith and where you are currently in your walk with God in the "Statement of Faith" section.

We do not expect applicants or their families to be mature, refined Christians or to even have a "churched" background. But we do need to see a family's desire to grow in their walk and relationship with God. Cultivating that discipleship at home is vital for a child's growth here at CCS. (see "Why CCS" section on our homepage)

If that seems intimidating, just know that we are here to help. We would love to sit down with you and help you find the path He has for you.

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